We’re interested in the way cloud platforms enable mobile strategies, and also in the transformation of the IT function. Survey results on those areas will be posted here soon.

In the meantime, this article at CIO Journal about the rise of BYOD culture touches on some of the themes we’ll be exploring over the course of the project.

These days, it’s all about meeting the needs of your customers, both internal and external, and everything from device management to application availability is part of the story.

Our survey is completed and we are busy analyzing the data.

This global survey of 200 senior business and IT executives was conducted in December 2012, concluding in early January 2013. The largest group of respondents, 16%, came from the US, followed by Brazil, India, Mexico, and the UK, with 13% each; Germany (10%); Canada (9%); China (6%); Japan (4%); Australia (3%); and Saudi Arabia (3%).

Respondents came from several industries, including retail (28.5%), consumer products (28%), banking (25%), telecommunications (13%), and capital markets (7%).

More than one-quarter of respondents (27%) said their company had sales between $1 billion and $4.9 billion. Larger companies made a significant showing, with 10% of respondents reporting sales between $5 billion and $9.9 billion, and 12% reported over $10 billion in revenue. Small and mid-sized firms also were well represented. Nearly one in five respondents (19%) had sales of $25 million to $99 million, while 18% had sales between $100 million and $499 million, and 14% weighed in between $500 million and $999 million.

CEOs made up the largest group of respondents (25%), followed by IT infrastructure managers (19%), business unit heads (15%), and CIOs (13%). Other titles represented include COO (8%) and Chief Innovation Officer (7%), along with Developers, Chief Architects, and EVP/SVP of Technology, Operations, and Marketing.