About CloudPlatformTrends.com

What is a cloud platform?

Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) is, at its simplest, a platform that delivers over the internet – and as a utility – infrastructure and services needed to develop, provision and run applications. The pre-built infrastructure enables the key value proposition of PaaS , which is to remove the considerable developer time and bandwidth traditionally required to provision applications (e.g. server administration, managing OS patches, managing upgrades) with on-premise alternatives.  Instead, PaaS enables developers to focus solely on coding innovative applications.

What is CloudPlatformTrends.com?

It’s a social media research hub created by Oxford Economics and SAP. Our aim is to provide a platform for you and your industry and IT peers to discuss and exchange ideas about the ways cloud computing and cloud platforms are being used to bring your businesses to the next level of collaborating with partners, enhancing customer experience by rapidly developing new applications, and leveraging mobile services.

The hub also serves as the focal point of a large-scale research program that includes a global survey of executives, in-depth interviews with corporate stakeholders, desk research, and the insights and commentary derived from this site. The findings of our research will be released here, on Twitter, and presented in a series of papers over the coming months.

An Emerging Digital Economy

As the digital economy comes of age—we  at Oxford Economics estimate its size at $20.4 trillion by 2013—technology will reshape most aspects of business, from innovation, to customer and supplier relations, talent management and competitive advantage.

In this new digital marketplace, the winners will be technology-driven enterprises with a clear vision of the fast-changing needs and behaviors of their stakeholders—and how best to meet them by harnessing the latest technology. Cloud computing and  the rapid rise of cloud platforms are a critical and far-reaching part of this new reality.

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