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Cloud platform research : Through the first several months of 2013 we will use this site to post results from a global survey of C-level executives, offering a detailed look at approaches to and benefits of cloud computing and cloud platforms.

UPDATE , July 23, 2013: You can see our fourth paper, Connecting the Cloud — this one is about PaaS integration and professional business networks in the cloud — (free, but registration required).

UPDATE , June 27, 2013: You can see our third paper, Protecting the Cloud — this one is about security and PaaS — (free, but registration required).

UPDATE , May 28, 2013: You can see our second paper, Unleashing the Cloud — this one is about PaaS and mobility — here (free, but registration required).

(free, but registration required).

Starting at the end of Q1, we will post a series of papers based on this survey and other original research, including an overview of the topic and shorter papers dealing with specific areas of interest such as mobility, security, and integration.

And all along the way we’ll be posting links from across the Web, along with original writing by SAP experts and questions for further discussion. Stay tuned.

to read the Unlocking the Cloud overview paper, released in April 2013 (free, but registration required).

Related Oxford Economics Research

Click here to read The New Digital Economy , a landmark white paper that examines in detail the ways corporations are responding to the economic and technology megatrends reshaping the global marketplace. This report, sponsored by AT&T, Cisco, Citi, PwC and SAP, drew upon a global survey of 363 c-suite executives from a broad range of industries, including financial services, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, life sciences and TICE (technology, information, communication and entertainment), along with Oxford Economics’ integrated global economic and industry models,  market data and forecasts from secondary research sources, and a series of in-depth personal interviews and panel discussions with over 35 senior executives, consultants and policy makers involved in digital strategy and corporate decision-making.

Click here to read Digital Megatrends 2015: The Role of Technology in the New Normal Market, which provides a summary of key economic and technology trends and an overview of the seismic shift that has reshaped the global business landscape. No longer can companies rely on credit-fuelled domestic markets for growth. Indeed, the need for households, banks and governments to regain their balance will dampen growth opportunities in many advanced economies. Instead, we are seeing the emergence of what has been called a “new normal economy.”

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