An excerpt from the new research paper, Unlocking the Cloud, which you can get (free registration required):

NYSE Technologies provides advanced software and data services for the financial services industry, including brokerage companies, market research firms, hedge funds, and investment banks. The firm, which grew out of the fabled New York Stock Exchange and later became a division of NYSE Euronext, launched a major cloud initiative in June 2011. Feargal O’Sullivan, Head of Sales, Americas, for the firm, describes the organization’s approach as a “vertically oriented cloud.” The company focuses on a broad scope of services enabled through clouds, which must be delivered on demand within an agile and flexible IT and business framework. “We need the environment to operate within the operating budget rather than the capital budget; as a moderate recurring cost instead of a large up-front capital expense,” he says.

Global Platform-as-a-Service market is estimated to grow from $1.28 billion in 2013 to $6.94 billion in 2018 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.54% in this period.

Projections are not an exact science, even if they quantify percentage growth to the second decimal place five years out. is a shift in the market that has PaaS, “the smallest market among the cloud computing segments” shifting to become the fastest-growing in terms of revenue.

Can the US government use the Cloud to leverage its meager new-technology budget and drive innovation?

That’s the plan put forward by federal CIO Steven VanRoekel, although he faces some familiar obstacles to implementation (e.g., resistance from IT staff, compartmentalized operations).

He also has to deal with skeptics in the Senate, says the Wall Street Journal, which may make your job seem just a little simpler by comparison.