“While there is a tremendous opportunity for CIOs and other top executives to be champions and brokers of cloud computing, there are also tremendous compliance and security risks that line-of-business executives don’t want to handle—and many aren’t equipped to deal with.”

–John Considine, Chief Technology Officer at Verizon Terremark, in our paper on cloud security, .

“Today’s emerging post-PC environment means that any improvements and development that take place for the desktop computing environment must carry over to mobile.”

– John Rote, Vice President of Customer Experience, Bonobos, quoted in our report on PaaS and mobiilty, Unleashing the Cloud, which you can download free here .

Swiss-based Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Management is using cloud platforms to address a variety of needs. In our new paper, Roger MacFarlaine, Mövenpick’s Vice President of Technology and Systems, talks about working with hotel owners and others to build understanding around opportunities that can be realized in the cloud.

“Some hotel owners tell us they don’t want their data viewed by others in the organization, including competing owners in the same city. We have to educate them that all the data is kept secure and no other hotel can access their database. The psychological issues and change-management challenges are as important as the technical concerns.”

Wait, why would the CIO of a business software giant take the time to attend a consumer electronics show? SAP’s Oliver Bussmann explains that we’re all consumers now.

Cloud platforms are transforming IT, according to our global survey.

  • More than two-thirds of respondents (69%) say cloud platforms have turned IT into a more strategic partner for the business.
  • A sizable majority (63%) say cloud platforms have transformed IT into a profit center.

We’ll continue to publish data and analysis from the survey here as we work on a series of papers about cloud platforms. Another part of our research — covered here and also informing those papers — involves a series of interviews with executives about the meaning of this data in the real world. More on that in the days and weeks ahead.

We’re interested in the way cloud platforms enable mobile strategies, and also in the transformation of the IT function. Survey results on those areas will be posted here soon.

In the meantime, this article at CIO Journal about the rise of BYOD culture touches on some of the themes we’ll be exploring over the course of the project.

These days, it’s all about meeting the needs of your customers, both internal and external, and everything from device management to application availability is part of the story.