In addition to our global survey of IT and business executives, we interviewed several leaders across different industries for the Unlocking the Cloud project.

Among those who spoke with us about what cloud does in the real world were the following executives:

John Rote , Vice President of Product and Experience at Bonobos

  • Key quote: “What’s attractive about cloud services is that they can be switched on, scaled up, scaled down, and reconfigured quickly, and with few IT resources. It’s possible to go from State A to State B without having to navigate an intermediate state.”

Lincoln Wallen , Chief Technology Officer at DreamWorks Animation SKG

  • Key quote: “A shared-service, distributed-cloud model gives us the flexibility to know who is doing what at any given moment and fully understand what infrastructure is and can be applied to any given problem at any given time.”

John Considine , Chief Technology Officer for Verizon Terremark

  • Key quote: “As more and more people use mobile devices and access data from remote offices and the field, there is a strong argument that data shouldn’t reside in the data center. It should be stored in the cloud, which, by definition, is distributed. This makes data much more accessible and simplifies IT requirements.”

Feargal O’Sullivan , SVP and Head of Sales, Americas, at NYSE Technologies

  • Key quote: “Unlike a generic cloud-based environment, where every node or VM in the cloud needs to be able to talk to any computer, anywhere in the world over the Internet, this cloud requires a much higher level of security and therefore cannot be accessed directly over the Internet.”

Roger MacFarlaine , Vice President, Technology & Systems at Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts

  • Key quote: “The question isn’t whether to be in the cloud—this is inevitable. It’s how to build the best security possible into a cloud environment. It’s important to start with the mentality that you will find a way to build in protections.”

More from these executives in our on cloud adoption, mobility, security, and integration.

An excerpt from the new research paper, Unlocking the Cloud, which you can get (free registration required):

NYSE Technologies provides advanced software and data services for the financial services industry, including brokerage companies, market research firms, hedge funds, and investment banks. The firm, which grew out of the fabled New York Stock Exchange and later became a division of NYSE Euronext, launched a major cloud initiative in June 2011. Feargal O’Sullivan, Head of Sales, Americas, for the firm, describes the organization’s approach as a “vertically oriented cloud.” The company focuses on a broad scope of services enabled through clouds, which must be delivered on demand within an agile and flexible IT and business framework. “We need the environment to operate within the operating budget rather than the capital budget; as a moderate recurring cost instead of a large up-front capital expense,” he says.

Coming next to this site — along with more survey results and analysis — is a series of posts from experts on cloud technology, platforms, and business.

First up: Jens Fuchs, Head of Enterprise Technology Architecture at SAP, on PaaS and the API-driven cloud.

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