We’re interested in the way cloud platforms enable mobile strategies, and also in the transformation of the IT function. Survey results on those areas will be posted here soon.

In the meantime, this article at CIO Journal about the rise of BYOD culture touches on some of the themes we’ll be exploring over the course of the project.

These days, it’s all about meeting the needs of your customers, both internal and external, and everything from device management to application availability is part of the story.

Innovation often means finding a better way of doing something familiar — doing it faster, or cheaper, or just making it easier for customers or partners.

There’s not much about business more basic than paying for goods and services.But as the interest in Starbucks’ deal with mobile payments company Square shows, that core transaction is the kind of thing around which innovation still happens.

Another takeaway from the announcement: Innovative ideas, and even realizations of those ideas, may not be enough to change markets.

Often, the innovator needs help getting the word out and gaining market share. In this case, reports NPR, “The app’s been a hit with reviewers but Square has struggled to gain consumers’ attention.”

Starbucks has the power to wake people up, and we’re not just talking about caffeine.