No real surprises in this Denver Post article about HR-cloud firm IGRS , but it’s interesting to see cloud coverage make its way into the routine business news of a mid-tier daily paper, and of course we’re always keeping an eye on the use of cloud platforms by and other business functions.

On that note: CMOs, HR directors, and others don’t want to make technology decisions,” says Verizon Terremark CTO John Considine in . This presents an opportunity for IT to champion the cloud and help develop a focused enterprise-wide cloud strategy, thus elevating its own role in the organization.

Our global survey shows that planned adoption rates will bring rapid growth of cloud platforms across multiple functions in the next three years, resulting in some functions being mostly cloud-based.

Use of cloud platforms today varies across key business functions, with substantial usage across the board but no functions yet mostly cloud-based.

Today, the leaders include Marketing (mostly cloud-based 27%, somewhat cloud-based 46%, minimally cloud-based 28%), Sales, Purchasing, and Innovation/R&D. These are followed by Finance and Supply Chain, with HR bringing up the rear.

Usage of cloud-based platforms in three years will be led by Marketing (mostly cloud-based 62%, somewhat cloud-based 27%, minimally cloud-based 12%), Sales, and Innovation/R&D, followed by Supply Chain, Finance, Purchasing, and big mover HR, which will go from today’s mostly cloud-based 12%, somewhat cloud-based 39%, minimally cloud-based 50% to mostly cloud-based 44%, somewhat cloud-based 36%, minimally cloud-based 20%.